Invite the world's most renowned artists at your table !

With our 40-cm hand-crafted candles, The Oscar Collection encapsulates the art & essence of some of the world’s most renowned artists and brings it to you through a unique, elegant and innovative medium.

Discover the ultimate combination between art and interior design !

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Maximum: 800 hours

The above burning times are indicative only and can vary from one model to the other. The indicated burning time assumes a correct usage of the candle.

A candle with an already liquid wax gets used up faster than a candle with partially solid wax. For that reason, we recommend that you blow out your candle an hour after the wax has completely liquefied. This will allow it to last longer.

Instructions for use: make sure that the wicks are all switch on. Leave the lighted candle till the wax is liquid over the whole surface. After each use, straighten and space the wicks. If the surface is not uniform and the wax not completely melt, take away, candle turned off, the wax surplus on the container sides with a spoon or knife. Before each use, cut the wicks at a height of 1 cm. Always keep an eye on the candle during burning. Do not burn a candle entirely and switch it off when the height is less than 3 cm. Always switch off a candle when the wax is entirely liquid to avoid a too high temperature.

Due to their artisanal fabrication in France, the Oscar Collection candles are refillable. Once your candle is finished please contact our customer service talitha@theoscarcollection.comand we will personally take care of your query.

It’s possible that your candle has been placed on an uneven surface. In that case, simply turn your candle. 

It’s also possible that your candle has been placed in a drafty area. In that case, either turn your candle or place it in an area less exposed to wind. 

It’s important that the surface of your candle always remain on an even surface in order to avoid the formation of holes that could drown the wicks. We therefore recommend that you do not put out your candle before the surface has entirely liquefied.

We do our best to process your orders as quickly as possible. The usual delivery times are between 8 and 15 working days. Due to the Brexit, delivery times to the UK are extended. 

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