House of Luje “Crazy Stupid Love” Coffret of two Limited Edition

These candles measure 9 cm, weigh 90 g, and offer a burn time of up to 40 hours. The set of two candles is priced at 60 euros, with the choice of personalised customisation at checkout. The blue candle features a fragrance blend including amber, while the red candle is infused with rose scents, creating a harmonious blend of masculine and feminine notes.


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Introducing “Crazy Stupid Love” candles, an exclusive creation for The Oscar Collection by Lucrece Sicat, co-founder of House of Luje.

These candles are a celebration of love in its purest and most candid form, inspired by the innocent drawings of hearts that children create, capturing the essence of a love that lasts a lifetime.
This coffret features two distinct candles, each resonating with a unique color palette. The first, adorned with hues of orange, red, and pink, evokes the warmth and passion of love. The second, in shades of blues and greens, represents the tranquility and serenity of a deep and enduring connection. Both candles showcase whimsical heart drawings, reminiscent of the innocent sketches found in a child’s notebook, encapsulating the everlasting nature of true love. Personal memories and meaningful experiences are reflected in every curve and line of the “Crazy Stupid Love” candles.
The “Crazy Stupid Love” candles are set to captivate hearts and spaces, offering a unique way to celebrate the timeless beauty of love. They are available for customisation, allowing you to personalise one of the hearts with the names of you and your loved ones.

Pre-order by February 8th to receive yours in time for Valentine’s day.

For personalisation, please indicate your name and the name of your loved ones (max 9 characters per name/ 2 names per candle) at the checkout under notes.